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Burning of Tapes

Events in Porto
The history of the Queima das Fitas in Oporto is not much more recent than that of Coimbra, which began in 1919, as already in 1920, the finalists of Medicine of the University of Porto made the so-called "Pasta Party", which is considered the Origin of the Queima das Ribas do Porto.
The "Festa da Pasta" was an event, with a great academic spirit, that celebrated the passage of the students who were finishing their course, the quintanistas, those who entered the final stretch, the Quartzists. Pasta was imposed on the students of the Quartzists. Over the years the "Festa da Pasta" was spread throughout the different faculties of the University of Porto, with each faculty having its own party. The various "Pasta Festival" took place uninterruptedly until 1943, a year from which there was only one for all faculties.

In the same year of 1943, the name of Queima das Fitas began to be used in parallel with that of "Festa da Pasta". The following year, in 1944, the first Mass of the Blessing of Pasta , In the Clérigos Church.

In 1945, the expression "Festa da Pasta" is completely abandoned and it is from this date that the "Burning of the Ribbons of Porto", which results from the already explained evolution of the "Pasta Festival", Natural way, the "Burning of the Ribbons of Porto" evolves. In Coimbra the Burning takes place until 1968, disappearing in 1969 following all the political upheavals of that time. In Porto, the Burning of the Fitas is only done from 1971.
In 1978 the Queima das Fitas resurfaced in Porto, with the designation of Mini-Queima and consisted of a procession, which generated some controversy and contestation in several quarters of the society since they considered that this was a reactionary initiative. The following year, in 1979, a larger attempt was made to organize Queima das Fitas, and there were two organizing commissions. However, only one of them was successful.

From then on, Queima das Fitas do Porto started to take the molds that we know today, with numerous activities from Serenata, to the Court, to Nights, Promenade concert, Iberian Festival of Academic Tunas, Sarau Cultural ... This evolution over the past 20 years made Queima das Fitas cease to be a party restricted to students to become the second largest party in the city of Oporto and the largest Academic party in the country.

Since then, this event has undergone a progressive change: it has ceased to be exclusively a party restricted to students to become the second largest party in the city of Porto and the largest academic festival in the country.

At the moment, Queima das Fitas is an organization of the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP) and moves about 350,000 students, and a large number of people assigned to the Porto Metropolitan Area, numbers only possible to achieve given the diversity of events produced , Being FAP's priority not only in the quantity of events but above all the quality of events, with an effort to provide good shows at affordable prices to all students and the entire community concerned.

Therefore, we can say that this event is like a retribution to the city of Porto and the Region for all that it provides to the students of the Academy, in its most varied aspects.

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